IT Consulting Services Provided

1. Strategic Planning:

What are the organization's goals, needs  and priorities?  We help you determine the type of information that  needs to be collected, tracked and analyzed, and assess the adequacy of existing tools and system. 

2. Governance:

Establishing priorities, monitoring  projects, ensuring business alignment, and keep within established  budgets are often some of the most challenging aspects of ensuring  technology meets business needs.  We can help you tune an established  governance process, or help you establish one that meets the unique  needs of your unique business or organization 

3. Process Improvements:

Are your people and systems being used  most efficiently and effectively?  We evaluate policy and procedural  changes that could provide a greater return on your investment. 

4. Requirements Definition & Implementatin Roadmap:

Through collaborative consultation,  technical solutions and system improvements that solve your  organization's information technology challenges within available budget  are provided. 

We analyze the interdependency of existing programs and processes, and recommend the order in which change should occur. 

5. Needs Assessments:

Utilizing years of experience, a thorough  assessment and analysis of your existing environment can be made to inform your organization how it compares to other contemporary and competitive organizations.  Strategic-Tech Consulting can assist in  establishing organizational priorities that match organizational goals  and objectives. 

6. Executive Coaching:

Strategic-Tech Consulting is equipped to provide one-on-one or team coaching to enable your staff to become authentic and effective leaders, which enables them to go beyond effective management.  Emphasis is on honing authentic leadership skills rather than simply following some checklist.  Process improvement is  central to become an effective leader in today's world.


Strategic-Tech Consulting can provide nonprofit consulting and IT consulting services to you and is prepared to bring the most qualified professionals in support of your business requirements.